Highs and Lows Podcast Guest: Tricia Wilson

Soon after I began writing a blog, I remember hearing "podcasts are the new blogs." I am always a step or two behind... I am a huge fan and listener of podcasts, but I have never been super interested in creating a podcast. My new friend and fellow adoptive mom, Jennifer Kelly, has launched a new podcast called "Highs and Lows." And she recently invited me to be a guest. It was fun! And a little nerve wracking. 


So rather than blog further about this, I invite you to take a listen to this 20 minute interaction about my book, parenting, and the very real highs and lows of my life. On a recent road trip with one of my daughters, we listened together. She said, "Mom, there was some good stuff there. And some things I need to know." I hope you feel the same. Listening information:

You can listen to this podcast over on iTunes as Highs and Lows Podcast as well as on Google Play for android users. Also available on Stitcher. You can find Highs and Lows Podcast over on Instagram as highsandlowspodcast

If I Could Package This Stuff, I'd be a Millionaire

I was checking out at my dentist's office a few weeks back, and I came up on an interesting conversation. "Christmas is for men and for children." What followed was a long vent on how these two women had to do everything related to shopping, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, and coordinating the many aspects of their particular family Christmas with their adult children.

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