Circle of Security Parenting

There are certainly moments in my life that I deeply resonate with Cher's song If I Could Turn Back Time. But I can't. But if I could, I would have joined a Circle of Security Parenting group on the day that I learned I was expecting my first child. I doubt that I would have been able to fully accept and incorporate the truths of the attachment and emotional security needs of children at that point in my life. But if anything could have opened my eyes, Circle of Security probably had the best shot.

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My parenting journey has been well documented in Adopting Grace. I am now in a wonderful space of inviting others to share in what I have learned over the past thirty years. I am near the end of leading a small group of moms through my first Circle of Security Parenting group. It has been a powerful, beautiful, hopeful experience. 

I see a generational trend and shift that makes me quite excited. These moms do not have to be convinced that fear based parenting isn't best for their children. They very much want to parent their children with attachment and emotional security as the goal. They have heard enough about neuroscience and best outcome research in the field of parenting. BUT they don't know HOW to get where they want to be in relationship with their children. 

How do I respond to my child's confusing behavior? What do I bring to the parent/child dynamic?What in the world do I do in the midst of a screaming tantrum?? How can I meet my child's emotional needs? What can I do to strengthen our relationship in a way that will see us through the teenage years?

In days and years ahead, I will be offering Circle of Security Parenting groups to parents. It is a powerful way to reflect on parenting and make the changes necessary to strengthen emotional security for our children. The video below is a sneak preview of Circle of Security Parenting. My next class is geared toward moms of children ages 0-6 who are parenting biological children. Down the road, I will offer classes for dads, adoptive parents, and any other group that expresses interest. If you or someone you know is interested, click here for more information. Or shoot me an email at if you have questions. All are welcome.