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Adopting Grace: A Parenting Journey from Fear to Freedom available from Amazon, Indiebound, and other online book sellers. If you live in Raleigh, NC, please consider purchasing it at Quail Ridge Books

For over 32 years, Tricia Wilson has been a mom - first to three sons she birthed and later to two adopted daughters. The product of a conservative evangelical upbringing, she practiced a much touted legalistic fear based “Christian” parenting model. Things at home rolled along well enough until…the entrance of two toddlers whose earliest months were lived in very difficult circumstances. A decision had to be made. Destroy two children and a family or wholeheartedly pursue and embrace dramatic change. Step by step, she embarked on a journey toward gentle, respectful, progressive Christian parenting. This is the story of a radical changing of heart and mind along with the faith and parenting lessons learned along the way.  Grace moved in as fear moved out.

Adopting Grace shares the story of a mom who needed to make big changes in order for herself and her family to heal. Throughout the book, Tricia mixes in real life stories and practical ideas on how to parent with grace, connection, and relationship. Through her parenting experiences, she also discovered and lived into a gentler side of Christianity. This is a story of God’s grace imparted within family.

Adopting Grace Reviews:

Tricia Wilson demonstrates courage in building relationships, asking forgiveness, and learning for life. The book brought tears to my eyes and hope for my spirit. I highly recommend embarking on a spiritual journey with this writer.  

     ~Ka’thy Gore Chappell, Leadership Development Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

Tricia Wilson has provided a compelling travelogue for all who feel stuck in the journey we call parenthood. Wilson unpacks the bag of tools that helped her in her spiritual, emotional, and thoughtful journey. 

    ~David Smoot, Ph.D, Child and Family Psychologist, Raleigh, NC

Tricia Wilson courageously shares her journey through perhaps some of the most difficult issues we can face. Not only does she look at who she was as a Mother but begins to dissect the religious belief systems and culture that formed who she had become in this role. 

    ~Helene Timpone, LCSW

There’s a vulnerable and very refreshing quality about Wilson’s writing. In a culture where people/parents often struggle to lay themselves bare, Adopting Grace will help its readers explore opportunities to live more honestly and with grace.

    ~Rev.  Lisa Yebuah, Campus Pastor, SERT of Edenton Street UMC

Wilson’s unabashed candor with regard to her personal challenges is a model of how we all ought to live.

     ~Rev. Bruce E. Stanley, President/CEO, Methodist Home for Children